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Hot rods are classic American cars that typically have a large engine. These roadsters quickly gained a reputation for being lightweight and easy to modify in the 1930s. Even today, I carry on the tradition of building hot rods. If you are passionate about hot rodding, visit my shop and check out what I’ve been working on. Rod Wurx is the perfect place for hot rod lovers in the region.

No one is better at building hot rods in Boise, ID. I’ve been working with hot rods for 45 years, and I have decades of experience under my belt. I’m quite passionate about these types of vehicles, especially classic 50s style hot rods. I have an unparalleled knowledge about hot rods, and I continue to establish myself as an expert in the Boise, ID classic car community.

Every day, I take joy in doing the work I love, and the hands on labor gives me a certain satisfaction. Creating hot rods is an art, and the passion I put into each one shines through in the finished product. Nothing can beat the roar of the engine as you accelerate down the road in your newly completed hot rod. It is my intent to share this joy with you as well!

Whether I’m working on frame, engine, or interior details, I take pride in car restoration, making sure that the components slowly come together to create a beautiful classic hot rod. Visit my professional, experienced auto shop if you would like to commission a hot rod.

I guarantee that your new vehicle will look beautiful!

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